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Boston beats Heat by 107-77 and now heads to Miami for game 3

The Celtics played an average basketball during regular season, but as the playoffs continue to advance, their quality seems to be improving, and, as a clear proof we have their victory against Miami by 106-77 on Tuesday, even playing without Kevin Garnett.

Well, the Heat is also contributing to Boston’s latest successes as Dwayne Wade seems to be playing all by himself, as even his 29 points on Game two were not enough to even get Miami closer on the score.

Wade says he is kind of tired of responding questions concerning the performance of Michael Beasley during the postseason, as the young forward has played awfully bad in both games against the Celtics (only 6 points in game one and 13 points in game 2), therefore, D-Wade has had a bad time facing Boston, and, he surely would have preferred the Heat to pick up OJ Mayo instead of Beasley at the 2008 NBA draft when Miami chose the 21 year old player from Kansas State over players such as Mayo, Brook Lopez, Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook.

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Beasley is certainly one of the top players in Miami, averaging fourteen points per match during regular season, but he has lower his level when his team needs him the most, though he is expected to become as proficient as usual soon enough in order to prevent a 3-0 in the series.

With this picture, it won’t be surprising that D-Wade would want to switch teams for the coming season, but since the Heat has a large salary cap and a good position concerning the free agent market, it is quite possible that they will opt for re-signing Wade and bringing some real talent to the team in order to become more competitive.

The previous meeting between Boston and Miami were won by the Celtics, but always for a small difference of no more than ten points, but yesterday’s game is a clear warning for the Heat before game 3, where they will count with home court advantage, as the series is moving to the American Airlines Arena for two consecutive matches, so, if the team from Florida don’t want to suffer a third consecutive, embarrassing defeat, they will have to bring their level up as the Celtics will have KG back from suspension and will certainly be more powerful.

I personally think that both of the victories from Boston are a clear sign of what is coming for the Heat, but only time will tell.

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