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An overview on the current NBA playoffs landscape

The NBA semifinals are almost here, which is why it is a great time to see who is meeting who in a classification that still has no surprises, but that might end up with one or two by Friday. On the East, only two teams have achieved their pass to the second round of the playoffs, those being the Celtics and the Cavaliers, both whom will play together in a best-of-seven series on the semis after they swept Miami and Chicago by 4-1.

On the same conference, we have the Magic, who also beat the Bobcats in a 4-1 series, and is currently waiting to see what is going to happen between the Hawks and the Bucks, whom are tied at 2-2 and will see action today and Friday in order to see who is going to face Dwight “Foul on you” Howard and co.

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None of the Western Conference teams have acquire a pass to the semis, as the series between the Lakers and the Thunder is currently 3-2 and heading to Oklahoma City for game six. The winner between Los Angeles and OKC will meet the winner of the Denver – Utah series that is currently 3-1 favoring the Jazz, and currently heading to Pepsi Center, where the Nuggets will try to put things 3-2, but, since it is quite difficult for a playoff team to make a comeback from a 3-1 series, the Jazz are most certainly the team that will advance.

The Suns are currently upsetting the Blazers 3-2, with the most recent victory coming for Phoenix and the series now heading to Portland, where Brandon Roy and the rest of his teammates will try to stop Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire in order to advance. The winner here will meet either the Spurs or the Mavericks.

Now, when it comes to the Spurs and the Mavericks, everybody was giving Dallas the victory on the series in 6 games, but San Antonio has certainly proved that even though they have a couple fossils such as Tim Duncan and Antonio McDyess in their starting lineup, they are still one of the major contenders for the championship, and the prediction for critics that the series could be over in six games, might as well become true, but with the winner being the Spurs as the series is 3-2 and heading to San Antonio, where the home team might be able to celebrate their classification to the semi finals with their fans.

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