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99-90 victory gives Magic the pass to the semifinals

The Magic are the first team to qualify to the semifinals on the East as they managed to conquer the best-of-seven series with a 99-90 victory over the Bobcats, eliminating them by fourth consecutive victories. This is actually the first time in the franchise’s history that they manage to beat a team in the playoffs by 4-0, and now Orlando is just waiting for the winner of the series between the Bucks and the Hawks, whom are tied 2-2, and will see action on Wednesday.

Vince Carter ended up the match with twenty one points, while his teammate Jameer Nelson contributed with 18 to the victory. Orlando truly show how deep they currently are, even with a Dwight Howard scoring only 6 points, the same number he had scored in the four meetings against Charlotte at the postseason, and this has a lot to do with Superman getting in trouble because of recurrent fouls.

In fact teammates have a brand new nickname for Howard: “Foul on you”, but all the joking around it certainly stopped when Superman was called for two fouls in less than 16 seconds, one of them being for tripping, and a third after than for challenging Charlotte’s point guard D.J. Augustin.

With Howard scoring low points, part of the team’s strategy was to held Stephen Jackson and rely on players that are truly playing their best basketball, such as Rashard Lewis, who finished the match with seventeen points, and Matt Barnes, who scored 14 points.

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Thanks to the early defeat of the Bobcats, the Magic has now enough time to rest and prepare for what is coming, and even though it is still not clear who is going to be the winner between Milwaukee and Atlanta, it is certain that Orlando is a bigger team that any of those two, and are probably be the winners of the conference semifinals. Then things might get more complicated for the Magic, as they will have to play either against the Cavs or the Celtics, which might signify the end for them in this current NBA playoffs.

Concerning the Bobcats, they are probably now more focused on Larry Brown and his future on the team, but the experienced coach has said to Charlotte fans that they have nothing to worry about as he is planning to remain in the team.

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