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Sports Betting 101

Are you a bettor? Expand your wagering skills now with a simple Sports Betting Explained Guide. Online Sports Betting, US legal and offshore, is here to stay, learn all about it here. Keep a record of your wagering activity easily with our Bet Tracker Spreadsheet selection, DOWNLOAD FREE.

Sports Betting Tips

Here are some quick and easy sports betting tips to get you started:

Sports Betting Tips #1: Learn To Manage Your Bankroll

Learning How To Bet on Football And Win involves managing your sports betting bankroll properly. And knowing how much you can lose without getting in financial trouble is one of the secrets of the best bettors in the world. This means that you need to know exactly how much you afford to lose. You can work with a bankroll per NFL week, for the full season.

For example, you can put aside $3,000 for the full NFL year. And, it’s important that you don’t use more than 2-5% of your bankroll for each wager you place. For the bankroll set above, you can afford to make bets within the $60 to $150 range.

So, you can place 2% small bets, and 5% larger bets. One of the big mistakes many bettors make is to start increasing the size of their bets as they start perceiving some earnings. And this is also true of the player that start chasing losses with larger bets than they can’t afford. Remember that the season is long, and you need to remain smart to finish with a profit. So, be very careful with each bet you make, and you’ll end up with your numbers in the blue after the Super Bowl.

Sports Betting Tips #2: Look For Edges

A lot of newbie bettors make the mistake of playing every single NFL game for the week, and this can lead to disaster. If you want to win long term, be different. Instead of making a bet on everything, try to find wagering edges, and cash big on those. Some weeks you will make from two to four bets, while others you will be making as many as six. Be careful with each bet you place, and avoid getting action just to make a given game more exciting.

Sports Betting Tips #3: Do Some Line Shopping

If you wish to learn How To Bet on Football And Win, this is for you. Sure, to watch a game and put a small bet on it adds excitement to the whole experience. But, if you wish to make money over a full season, you need to get your hands dirty and do some “line shopping.”

This means to visit different sportsbooks, and check the lines they are offering on the same NFL game. Go ahead and sign up with three to four bookmaking companies, compare their NFL betting lines, and place your bets using the tips above. Don’t forget to check out our NFL Football Playoff Schedule.

Online Sports Betting

Now you can bet from the convenience of your own phone, tablet, or laptop. Just go online, check out some good options, select a good sportsbook, sign up, make a deposit, and you’re set! Now, you’re basically betting against your own balance. If you run out of money, you can fund your account back again with cash. Or, you can also request credit from the sportsbook or the bookie.

Online Sports Betting: 3 Must-Know Factors

Here are three Online Sports Betting factors you should be familiarized with:

  • No Waiting Time: Instead of having to make an uncomfortable line at a physical sportsbook waiting for your time to get a ticket, you just need access to the web to get your action.
  • In-Game Online Sports Betting: Some bettors enjoy placing bets on the next play in football, or the outcome of the next quarter, for example. And these are the kind of things sportsbooks offer their clients with their own sports betting apps.
  • Great Online Sports Betting Props Menu: Mobile betting goes beyond great NFL and college football props. You can find dozens of bets for a single game from any top sport, from any league in the US.

The Sportsbook

The sportsbook or bookie is the one that offers you a menu of wagers they’re willing to book. Now, if you don’t see a particular bet that you want to make stated in the wagering board, you can request a special line to be created for you. If the odds are fair, and the sportsbook sees a good chance to make money, they will set the special betting line for you.

If you live within the USA, now there are more than eleven states that allow legal wagering. Some of these establishments count with brick and mortar locations, plus a website for online sports betting. The best of the bunch also have their own sports betting apps, allowing their clients to bet faster with their mobile phones. And, offshore sportsbooks and local pay per head bookies will take your bet regardless of where you are located.

US-Based vs Offshore Sportsbooks

Here’s some information related to the differences between US-based, and offshore bookmakers.

Online US Sportsbooks

The legal sports betting boom started exploding within the United States in 2018 when the Supreme Court removed the federal ban on gambling. Since then, a lot of states, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Tennessee have made it possible for their citizens to enjoy legal sports betting in the US.

Offshore Sportsbooks or AG

These sportsbooks have existed since the early 2000s and operate under legal overseas jurisdictions. Lately, all of them operate under the .UG domain umbrella. They will take your action regardless of where you live.

The Pay Per Head Model

If you bet with your local bookie, but you use a website or have access to a call center, chances are that you’re using a pay per head service. A per head company allows bookies to count with access to call center and website solutions for their bettors for a fixed weekly price per active weekly client. Check below for more info!

How To Become A Bookie

Do you want to start taking bets yourself? Then learn how to become a bookie using pay per head solutions. This includes your own custom wagering site for your players, access to an offshore call center, casino services, and your own sports betting software to manage the full wagering operation directly from your mobile phone. Here’s a Social Media Management Guide to help you improve your skills and lead more web players your way.

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